Sunday, January 25, 2009


The first time we took engagements didn't turn out quite like I had wanted them to. I had worn a green (puffy) vest in the pictures, which is usually a cute outfit, but when the pictures came out, I realized that the vest made me look like a puffy green marshmellow. I looked like I didn't have any curves, which is something I definitely have. Also, we took our first engagements during the very very cold week. Riley and I were so cold that every picture looked like we were frozen in place. We were so miserable that our personalities didn't show in the pictures. But the second round of pictures went much better. It was a very warm day, so Riley and I were able to enjoy ourselves, and our smiles weren't frozen on!! I haven't seen the professional versions yet, but I already know that they will turn out better than the previous pictures. Here are some of the pictures that Julie took.


This weekend was a busy weekend for Riley and I!! We spent all afternoon friday reshooting our Engagement Pictures (I didn't like the first ones). Then we spent all day Saturday shooting our bridals. I know that its supposedly bad luck having the groom see the bride before the wedding, but I didn't want to have a bunch of pictures of just me, so I made Riley tag along. He was a very good sport, and I thought he looked very HOTT in his tux!!
Anyways, Riley's mom Julie went along the photo shoot with us to get pictures of us getting pictures - and I'm really glad she did!! These pictures aren't the professional ones, but I thought I'd give everyone a little preview of what the professional pictures will look like!! Hope you enjoy!!

Riley's mom found this lane of trees, and I loved it.

The dress is really really heavy, so I thought Riley did
a great job holding me up!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lost Camera

Sorry I haven't posted any pictures - I lost my camera. Hopefully it will turn up in a couple of days so that I can post pictures of Christmas break!!