Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Girl's Trip

Riley's family has a tradition of having a girls trip every year. All the girls got together to enjoy dinner. And after dinner was served, we all headed to an outdoor theater to watch the play Beauty and the Beast. We had a blast, and I enjoyed getting to know more of Riley's family!! Here are some pics from the trip.

This is the play Beauty and the Beast - the set was really cool!!
Julie (my mother-in-law), Tonya (Riley's Aunt), Wilma (Riley's grandma), Me, and my sister-in-law Kaylie getting ready for the play to start.

Kaylie and I!!

First Lake Powell Trip of the Season

Riley and my cousin Jayden enjoying the ride!!
Zach and Riley covered poor Oakley in the dirt.
Riley and I after hiking up the steep sand hill!!
Riley on his way up the Sand Hill
And this is everyone that made it up - except for me because i'm taking the picture!!

This is our first trip to the House Boat in Lake Powell for the summer!! This was Riley's first time going to Lake Powell and he had a blast.

Friday, June 12, 2009

4 Wheeling

My mother-in-law Julie invited me to go on a 4 wheeler ride with all of her friends!! I readily accepted because Julie and her friends are some of the funnest people to be around. They are always laughing and having a good time - and who would turn that down. Well this trip didn't disappoint me. We went on a beautiful ride kind of by gooseberry!! After the ride we went to one of the ladies house and enjoyed a delicious meal. Needless to say, I loved this trip and can't wait to go again. Here are some pics from the trip. And there is also a pic from the cattle drive we went on a couple weeks ago.

The cattle herders for the day!!
Julie and all her friends (I'm horrible with names of I'd list them)
Us and all our Honda's
The beautiful scenery

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Well, Its been a long time since I've posted any blogs, but not much has been going on. Riley and I moved to the Elk Ranch (his parents house) for the summer. Riley started working for the Forest Service fighting fires. I will start work on Wednesday at Wingers, and then I'll start work Friday at Zions Bank. We will be busy this summer, but I'm already enjoying it so much. Last week we went on a cattle drive, and as soon as I get the pictures from my mother in law Julie I'll post them. And on Friday, the Twins (my brother and sister) graduated from Richfield High School. I'm so proud of them!! And I can't wait to see what they accomplish after high school!! Here are some pictures of their special day.

My parents with the Twins!!
All of the Cropper kids - Jake, Callie, Zach, and Me!!