Saturday, July 10, 2010

Big News!!

We have been waiting till it is official before we announced some big news!! Well, its finally official so we can FINALLY announce it!!
  1. I received my DREAM job working as an ONLINE Math teacher. I know it sounds weird, but I think it will be great. I'll be teaching from home everyday (WAHOO). Another great thing about this job is that the company K12 (Utah Virtual Academy) is a charter school, so that means that I will receive the same BENEFITS, PAY, and RETIREMENT as a normal public school all from the comfort of my own home. Riley and I feel very lucky that I received this AWESOME job.
  2. The next big news is that Riley decided to go back to school, which means that we'll be moving to LOGAN in the fall. Riley is going to be in the Range Management Program at Utah State University. He has about 3 years until he is finished. And before anyone tells us how cold we are going to be up there, I want you to know that we are well aware of that. We are way EXCITED for our new adventure and welcome the colder climate (It can't be any worse than Cedar City right)!
Well, that's all for our big news. We are way excited for all of our new changes!! Sorry there are no pictures - but we are pretty boring to look at anyways!!