Sunday, October 7, 2012

4 Months Old

This is a little late, but here are some facts about our adorable 4 month old:
  • She still sleeps great (9pm to 9am, but unfortunately on days that I teach I have to wake her up at 7 so that she can be back to sleep when I teach at 9am)
  • She started rice cereal.  It took her no time to decide that she loved it.
  • She has rolled over from her front to back twice and from her back to front once. 
  • She loves her bouncer toy.
  • She can grap toys and then they go straight to her mouth.
  • She has started to drool A LOT!
  • She likes to sit in her bumbo and watch me work.
  • She squeals and coos all day (She takes after the Cropper side because she talks a lot and it isn't quite).
  • Her hair keeps growing longer and longer.  I have to comb knots out of her after every nap.  It's a good thing she already has a tough head because all that combing doesn't even phase her.
  • Her nicknames are still Daisy or Bumper
We just love our adorable little princess.  She has adjusted to Riley being gone to his new job really well.  Now if we could just get mom adjusted to Riley's new schedule.  He is loving his new job so that is good.  Once we get our house sold and we move with Riley I will like his new job too.