Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumkin Carving

Riley and I went over to our friends Taryn and Bode's new house the other day to carve pumpkins. Our other friends Cody and Suzie came as well, but they declined to have their picture taken. Here are the pics from our fun night.

Bode and Taryn
Me and Riley in front of our pumpkins.
Bode and Taryn again.
Our Spooky Pumpkins.

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Past

Right now I'm sitting at my Parent's home, and while I've been here I've realized how much I miss my old Rodeo Days!! My mom and I would load up every weekend to hit at least two Rodeos a weekend when I was in High School. We had a blast, and because of our experiences Rodeoing, my mom and I are best friends. We have so many inside jokes, and so many wonderful memories. My dream was to become a State Champion in the Breakaway. I never accomplished that dream, but I made some of the best friends a girl could ask for, and walked away with life long lessons. I also had/have the best horse in the world. My horse was awesome. I never got outran by calves, and I always had an awesome shot. My horse Ross is still alive, but like me, he is getting old and crippled. I've got a new horse Sage, but it will never be the same. Riley has now started Roping, so hopefully when we are done with school and have more money, we can travel down the Rodeo Road again. Sorry if I've bored everyone with my trip down memory lane, but I wanted to blog about my past life!! Here are some old pics.

My two horses Sage and Ross!!
Riley on Ross and Zach on Sage!!
State Finals my Junior Year!! I placed second this round.
Getting ready to do some "nanny slammin" my Junior Year at State
Also my Junior Year, I won this round of State. Look at Ross slide in the dirt!! I love it!!