Monday, July 13, 2009

Catch Up!!

I've been pretty bad about blogging lately, but I guess its cuz we've been so busy having fun and working. Quite a few weeks ago, Riley's family hosted the Wanlass family reunion. We had a blast, even though it rained and was cold the whole weekend. The reunion was at fish lake this year, and I enjoyed getting to know Riley's Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. That reunion was on a friday and saturday, and then on sunday, we had the Coates family reunion. That reunion was a blast as well. I got to meet all of Riley's family in one weekend.

A few weekends after the reunions was the 4th of July. This year was a little different, but I still had fun. Riley had to work and everyone in my family (except my sister) was at lake powell. So my sis Callie and I went to the parade and park alone. Fortunately Riley got off work that night so we were able to go to Salina's Rodeo. This year was my first year that I didn't compete in it since I was probably 10 years old. Its definitely alot more fun to compete than watch.

Then last weekend Riley's cousin Lindsey and I decided to play match maker and set her brother and sister up on a date with my brother and sister. Lindsey, her husband Weston, Me, Riley, Riley's brother Jeff, and our brothers and sisters all went on a quadrouple date to the Ute Stampede Rodeo. I was not really looking forward to going because I hate watching Rodeos that I'm not competing in. But I 2 minutes into the Rodeo I was having a blast. The clown was hilarious and had some amazing stunts (he jumped his motorcycle over a truck and horse trailer). A bunch of friends that I used to high school rodeo with were also competing that night so it was also fun to watch them. We all had a blast and I can't wait to go again next year!! Maybe someday they will make my event a pro event and I can compete there - ha ha (wishful thinking)!! I unfortunately forgot my camera, so I only have pics of the reunions and 4th. So here they are......

Getting ready to watch the fire works!!

Watching the Rodeo

Being patriotic!!

Riley giving the Wanlass family tours of fishlake (he did that all day long - and loved every minute of it).