Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's a....

We finally know what our baby is. And much to our surprise, it's a Girl! We were/are in shock still, but we are definitely excited! We are so shocked because the Wanlass history pretty much had me convinced that it was a boy. (Riley has all brothers and all of his brothers have all boys). I didn't care what we were having, but I secretly wanted to have a little girl.

The night before we went to get our ultrasound Riley told me that we are having a Girl. And then that night I had a dream that it was a little Girl. When we got to the ultrasound office, I was so excited. I laid down and the lady pulled up the screen with our baby. I had a hard time knowing what exactly what I was looking at, but Riley seemed to pick up on it a little better. After some time, Riley started saying I can't see anything there. (I still didn't know what I was looking at). After Riley stated that he couldn't see anything a couple times the ultrasound lady finally told is that it definitely was a girl. We both couldn't believe it. I made her keep checking - ha ha.

Our little Girl - who we've decided to name Hazyn Jane (pronounced Haze - en) - is an active little thing. She was going crazy kicking me. I hope she doesn't continue to kick that hard when she is bigger - it might hurt. But for right now I love feeling her little kicks. It is very exciting!!

For journaling purposes here are some fun things about my pregnancy so far..

  • I haven't been sick at all and I feel so grateful. I know there are lots of people that get really sick so I'm glad I'm not one of them. (I think Riley is the most grateful because I'm not a very good sick person)

  • The only time I get too emotional is when I think about my horse Ross. He isn't doing very good right now and it kills me every time I think about it. (In fact I shouldn't have brought it up because I'm crying again) Riley has banned me from the farm because it gets me too upset to see Ross be in pain.

  • My students are really excited for me to have a baby - it's all they want to talk about (because they would like to get out of doing their math). They sometimes say funny things. One of my students told me that I didn't look fat, I just looked pregnant. I chose to take that as a compliment - ha ha!

  • I still fit in my clothes (with a rubber band to help me button my pants). I am dreading buying maternity clothes and I don't know why.

  • My family is so excited for little Hazyn. Someone from my family calls me everyday asking about the baby. Now that we know its a girl my mom has been going crazy buying stuff. Callie has been busy making plans for a baby shower and all the cute stuff she wants to make.

  • I think Riley's family is still in shock that we are having a girl. They are pretty excited too. Julie can't wait to buy a doll:)

  • I've only gained 2 pounds. I know that will probably change, but for now I'm pretty proud of that. Especially with how hungry I've been the past couple weeks.

  • I can't wait to see Riley with his little girl. He is so excited. He always tells me that Hazyn is going to be a daddy's girl and that I don't stand a chance. I know that he is probably right too (even though she'll be a mommy's girl too).

To sum it all up, we are so so so excited to be having our baby girl Hazyn. We both feel very blessed! Now if May will just hurry up and get here:)