Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2013 Review

January: After moving in with my in-laws house (due to Riley's new job with Burns Saddlery) in November, Hazyn and I were able to move in with my parents. They had just finished building a new house in my hometown of Central Valley. Riley was living with his Aunt and Uncle in Salt Lake because he was working at the new Lehi Burns Saddlery.

February: We were still living at my parents house and there wasn't much going on (that I can remember). Hazyn started crawling on super bowl Sunday. I can't remember for sure if it was in February or March, but Riley got transferred to the Salina Burns so he was able to live with Hazyn and I again. At that point he had lived away from us for more than Hazyn's life. It was hard on all of us so we were glad to have it over.

March: My Grandpa Jerry passed away this month. It was sad to see him go, but I was grateful that I lived close to him and was able to be there at the end. It was so nice to have family come from all over to be there towards the end. Because we knew he was dying, almost everyone was able to either drive or fly in and say their goodbyes. We had family come from Alaska, Texas, Arizona, Kansas, and of course Utah. Everyone seemed to congregate at my parent's house so Hazyn had a blast playing with all of her cousins!

April: We went Eastering with the Wanlass clan out to Wah Wah Ranch (by Milford). It was a fun to go and camp (or motel for us) with almost all of the family. Again, Hazyn had a blast playing with her cousins.

May: Hazyn turned 1 and we couldn't believe how fast that year went by. We had a big party with all of our family to celebrate.  Hazyn also started walking which turned Riley and I into busy chasers. We had been renting out our house to some friends but they found a house to buy so they were gone. Riley and I started to decide what we were going to do at this point because our house wasn't having much luck being sold.

June: Riley's dad had Open heart surgery in June so we were able to go to Provo to see him and spend some time with my sister Callie. Riley and I were also able to get away without Hazyn to Mesquite for the weekend. We gambled and had some fun in the sun but were glad to get home to our sweet girl. I was also able to go on a girls trip with my friends Taryn, Heather, and Hollie. We floated down the river in Zion and then ate some yummy lunch. It was fun to remember the good old days with them.

July: Riley and I decided that it was time to move back to Logan so we moved back to our house this month. Burns wasn't working out for multiple reasons and when Riley decided to pursue a new career, we both were so relieved. We knew that he would have a hard road getting into the banking world (his new chosen career path) but that it would turn out being something we could build a life on. Burns was going nowhere and the possibilities are endless with the Bank. We just needed to get him a job at this point.

August: We were back in our home and happy. Riley didn't have a job at this point, but I was getting ready for school to start so it was nice to have him home helping with Hazyn. Riley did end up interviewing with a Zions Bank branch in Logan and they gave him the job. (It was his first interview so I was super proud). My little sister Callie got engaged during this month. We were super excited for her and we were happy to be getting a new brother.

September: Riley started working at the Bank. He loved his job from the get go. He also loved (still loves) the people that he was working with. We are so grateful that everything has worked out for him. We both were able to start roping again. Riley was so busy with Burns that he hardly got to rope. And we didn't have anywhere to go in Sevier County so it was nice to get back to Logan so we could rope with our friends again. I shocked Riley and even started Team Roping. I mostly BreakAway Roped in the past but I caught the team roping bug.  I started working on my Master's Degree in Math Education with Western Governor's University. I'm crazy for going back to school, but I hope that it opens a lot of career doors for me.

October: This month was extremely busy for us. I threw a wedding shower for my sister (with a lot of help from my mom and brother's girlfriend Taylor and her family - and when I say a lot, I mean A LOT). Riley had his big dear hunt with his brothers and dad. They all had a tag and they were able to slay the buck that they had been scouting all summer long. To say they were all excited would be an understatement. While Riley was away hunting, I found out that I was pregnant. Riley came home to Hazyn wearing a big sister shirt, but I had to point out the shirt because he didn't notice. We were both really excited! We had been trying for a while and I had just gone to the doctor to get chlomid (what we used to get Hazyn). The next week I found out I was pregnant so we consider it a miracle that we were able to get pregnant without any fertility drugs. We also attended the blessing of our new handsome nephew Cash!

November: This was another big month for us. We spent a lot of time in the car. Callie got married on the 16th. It was a beautiful wedding and we are so happy for her and Mike. Before the wedding, we got to go through the Draper temple with her as she took out her Endowments. It was really special for me to be in the temple with my sister. I can't wait until I get to be in the temple with all my siblings.... Someday hopefully! We had Thanksgiving and then we traveled to St. George for our beautiful niece's blessing. In case you are wondering, it is a LONG drive from St. George to Logan with a busy toddler that hates car rides...

December: Riley and I were able to get away on a little trip together without Hazyn. She was busy having fun with both her Grandmas and Grandpas while we went to Vegas for the NFR. One of these times I am going to go to Vegas when I'm not pregnant. The last two times we have gone I have been pregnant. It is exhausting walking around Cowboy Christmas... We did manage to have an extremely good time despite my tiredness! We had a wonderful Christmas and were absolutely spoiled by both of our families.

So 2013 was overall a good year for us. How could it not be with our little darling Hazyn. She has been such a joy to our little family! Even though it was hard to live away from our home for half the year, we have been blessed because of it. (Even though I didn't see that at the time). We can't wait to see what 2014 brings us and we especially can't wait for another addition to our little family. Below are a bunch of pictures that are completely out of order. I'm just so behind on my blog that I decided to slap them all on here and call it good!