Thursday, March 21, 2013

9 and 10 Months Old

How is my baby this old?  I can't believe that Hazyn is almost a year old!  Time truly has flown by...

Here are some fun facts of our little 10 month old:

  • She started crawling on Super Bowl Sunday.  Once she discovered how to be mobile she hasn't slowed down.  I can barely keep up.
  • She finally cut 2 teeth.  The same day.  Her teeth cut through just after she started crawling.
  • She says mama, dada, baba (even though she doesn't drink a baba), and nana.  Even though she says those words, I don't think she knows what they mean.
  • She can pull herself up and especially loves to pull herself up right in front of the tv.  
  • She will drink juice out of a sippy cup, but she definitely has to be in the mood.
  • She absolutely loves her toys and will play for hours in her little play room while mama works.
  • She loves her "Eddy" the Teddy still and goes crazy whenever she sees him.
  • She gets really excited when either mom, dad, grandpa, or grandma comes to get her.  Almost as excited as she does when she sees Eddy.
  • I took her outside to play in the dirt after Riley and I rode horses.  The first thing she did was stick a hand full of dirt (probably mixed with a little manure) in her mouth.  
  • She still LOVES Barney, but is starting to like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
  • She LOVES kids.  She gets so excited when she sees other kids and will even hand them her toys (except Eddy - she doesn't share Eddy).
  • While in church a little girl tried to take Eddy from her, but she had a death grip on him.  Both kids ended up in tears.  
  • At her 9 month check up she weighed 18.94 lbs (54%) and was 28.5 in tall (82%)
  • She loves food, but eats best when mom feeds her.  She sometimes throws a fit for dada when he feeds her.
  • She is a really calm baby, but definitely whips out her sassy side when she wants to.
  • Here are Hazy's 9 and 10 month pictures (sorry there are so many - I'm slightly obsessed with my little beauty):