Sunday, January 20, 2013

8 Months!

I can never pick just one picture of my darling dolly! And I know I say it every month, but I can't believe my baby is 8 months old.  It makes me sad and happy at the same time.  Hazyn is growing like a weed and is such a fun little lady to have around.  Here are some fun facts of our little Hazyn:
  • She is both sweet and stubborn.  She's always happy (like her dad) but wants what she wants and wants it NOW (like her mom). 
  • She has not taken a bottle or sippy for a month.  She absolutely REFUSES! (I guess I should clarify that she won't take a bottle of milk.  She'll drink juice or water.  I have to mix her milk in all of her food so that she gets some nutrients.
  • She got sick and had a sore throat and double ear infection.  I had no clue she was sick because she is always happy.  I took her to the doctor because she refused to drink a bottle and I had a "feeling" she needed to go in.
  • She weights 17lbs and 11oz.  No wonder my back hurts when I've been carrying her a lot.
  • Her nicknames include the following: Daisy, Bumper, Dazin, Bugga Boo, and many more that I can't think of.
  • She loves to play with her toys. Her favorite toy is "Eddy" the Teddy.  She absolutely loves him.  And I need to post a video of her reaction to seeing him.  It is the cutest thing ever!
  • She still doesn't have any teeth.
  • She hasn't crawled, but LOVES to scoot from toy to toy.
  • She also rolls all over the room.
  • She FINALLY started giggling more.  I think her first giggle was after 6 months old.  Peek a Boo seems to make her laugh the most.
  • She eats like a champ.  She loves fruit and whatever we are eating the most. 
  • She definitely has some Cropper in her blood.  She loves to jibber jabber all day long.  She mostly says dada.  But once and a while she'll throw in a lala, baba, and a very rare mama!
  • She is very social and smiles and flirts with anyone that gives her attention.
  • She is very loved and gets noticed anywhere she goes.
Below are the pics from Hazy's 8 month photo shoot.  I couldn't pick just one (like always).  This girl has so much personality!  I don't know if there is anyone that has ever been loved more than our little Hazy is. 

Callie's Pictures

My little sister Callie got a new camera for Christmas.  She captured these cute pics of Hazyn that I figured I better get on here!


Christmas time has come and gone once again.  This time it was a little more magical for us because of our sweet little Hazyn. We got to spend time with both families and didn't miss any of our traditions.  We even got to have our Christmas eve party at my parents new house (it was close to being finished, but not close enough to move in). 

 Hanging out with dad on Christmas Eve
 Christmas Eve PJs.  We LOVE this tradition.  But apparently we didn't get a picture of Mom and Dad's PJs.
 SANTA!! He came and didn't disappoint. 
 Hazy is excited about her presents!
 And she really LOVES her princess castle!
 So does Mom!
 She got pretty excited when opening her presents!
 This year us kids (Me and Riley, Zach, Jake, and Callie) decided to get our mom a new saddle.  It was actually Jakes idea and he paid for a majority of it (since he is single and makes a fortune).  Our Mom was REALLY surprised!  She has never had a saddle that fit her and now she does!
 Hazyn loves other kids and gets super excited when she sees them.  This is my cousin Mason!
 Mom and Hazy are both excited to get BARNEY (Hazy's favorite)!
 Trying to play with Mason!
Waiting to get MORE presents!

As usual, I wish I would have taken more pictures to capture our perfect day.  I forgot to take pictures of the annual Coates Family Christmas Brunch.  But we did go there as well and had a wonderful time with Riley's side of the family!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

December Picture Update!!

I'm behind on blogging (go figure) so I guess I'll just update with a lot of pictures!

 Met Santa
 Met Santa with cousin Livvi
 Cruising around City Creek
 Riding on the Escalator with Dad at City Creek

 Looking at the Temple
 We had to pick the first Snow Storm to go see the lights.

 Hanging out with Dad at Temple Square
 Reading a book at Hazyn's first night staying in a Hotel
 Checking out Scheels
 Trying to Catch a skunk at Scheels
 Almost got him....
 7 months old and cute as ever. I couldn't pick just one picture because they showed her personality so well.

 Cousin Gage feeding Hazyn!
 Sleep over with the cousins!
 Hanging out in the Princess tent
 Our little Indian at Thanksgiving!
 Hanging out with cousin Draydin
Just chilling
 Now Hazyn had to go and make Draydin mad. 
 Not too happy during Grandma Julie's photo shoot.
 It's hard getting 6 kids to pose for the perfect picture.
 She usually doesn't cry, but she just had to ruin Grandma's photo shoot.
 Now she is reallly mad.  And she really stands out with all those blonde boys
 Now we are starting to get a little happier
 There's our girl!
 Grandma's Photo Shoot
 Another photo shoot

 Opening Presents

 Yes baby girl.... Santa does love you!
 Testing Grandma Julie's new photo backdrops with wild crazy hair!
 And yet another photo shoot with Grandma Julie. 

This girl loves her Eddy the Teddy!  I need to post a video of how excited she gets when she sees Eddy!