Sunday, January 20, 2013


Christmas time has come and gone once again.  This time it was a little more magical for us because of our sweet little Hazyn. We got to spend time with both families and didn't miss any of our traditions.  We even got to have our Christmas eve party at my parents new house (it was close to being finished, but not close enough to move in). 

 Hanging out with dad on Christmas Eve
 Christmas Eve PJs.  We LOVE this tradition.  But apparently we didn't get a picture of Mom and Dad's PJs.
 SANTA!! He came and didn't disappoint. 
 Hazy is excited about her presents!
 And she really LOVES her princess castle!
 So does Mom!
 She got pretty excited when opening her presents!
 This year us kids (Me and Riley, Zach, Jake, and Callie) decided to get our mom a new saddle.  It was actually Jakes idea and he paid for a majority of it (since he is single and makes a fortune).  Our Mom was REALLY surprised!  She has never had a saddle that fit her and now she does!
 Hazyn loves other kids and gets super excited when she sees them.  This is my cousin Mason!
 Mom and Hazy are both excited to get BARNEY (Hazy's favorite)!
 Trying to play with Mason!
Waiting to get MORE presents!

As usual, I wish I would have taken more pictures to capture our perfect day.  I forgot to take pictures of the annual Coates Family Christmas Brunch.  But we did go there as well and had a wonderful time with Riley's side of the family!

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