Sunday, July 22, 2012

2 Months Old

I can't believe it - my baby is already two months old!!  She is seriously such a joy in our lives.  We don't know what we ever did before she came.  Here are some fun facts about our Hazyn:
  • Her nicknames are Hazy Daisy, Little Bumper, and Hazy Girl.
  • She is a little talker.  She loves to coo and make other noises that I wish I could think of a way to spell. 
  • We had her two month appointment and she weighed 11lbs11oz (73rd Percentile) and was 23.25inches long (82nd Percentile). 
  • She cried when she got her shots, but was a champ after that.  It just made her really sleepy for a couple days.  She did like to cuddle a lot more than usual so I did love that part. 
  • She hates getting her pictures taken.  Anytime she sees the camera and I start posing her the tears come.  I have to work really hard to get a decent picture. 
  • She still has her dad (and mom) wrapped around her little finger.  She definitely rules our roost!!
  • When she feels like it, she is really really smiley!!
  • She sleeps from 10:30pm to 7:30am:)  After she eats at 7:30, she goes right back to bed until 10:30.  Mom is definitely in heaven!!
  • She is a really good baby and hardly ever cries. 
  • She is on a really good schedule and if it stays that way, it will make it easier for me to go back to work. 
  • When she eats, she likes to stroke our arms. 
  • She eats 3.75oz of breastmilk every 3 hours. 
Here are some more pictures of Hazyn from the past few weeks!!

 Mom loves dressing Hazyn up in her cute little outfits!!
 So strong!!
 This is about the only good picture I could get when I tried to have a little photo shoot of her in her Blessing Dress.
 This is how the rest of the shoot went. 
 All tuckered out after I had one of our most successful photo shoots. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Hazyn's big weekend

We decided to make a Vacation our of Hazyn's blessing and the 4th of July.  We left for Richfield on Saturday morning and returned to Logan Thursday afternoon.  It was a LONG trip, but we had fun.  Hazyn handled the schedule change much better than her parents did.  She is a little champ when it comes to traveling:)  But it completely wore me and Riley out.  Our weekend was filled with a blessing, roping, meeting a new cousin Draydin (born July 1st), roping again, lunch with friends Layken and Taryn (and Chesney), some more roping, hanging out with lots of family, the 4th of July parade and park, and Riley and Uncle Jake's Rodeo.  We were busy non-stop but loved every minute of it.  Here are some pics of our fun "vacation."
Hazyn with all of her cousins (at the time).  Those cute boys are the best cousins little Hazy could ask for:)

 Hazyn met her Great Great Aunt Monica Jane.  I was named after Monica, so here are the three Janes.  Monica Jane, Brittney Jane, and Hazyn Jane.
 Hazyn also got to meet her new cousin Draydin Boyd Wanlass.  When we put them together for pictures, Hazy started talking like crazy.  I think she was excited that her little friend finally came to visit her:)
 Sitting in the heat at the Richfield parade.  Hazyn looked so dang cute in her little outfit.  She only got to wear it for a short time because she had a HUGE blowout...  It was fun for her parents to clean up.
 Our cute little family. 
 We love all her little expressions.
 Pretty girl
 Uncle Zach was smokey the bear.  We all cheered when he went by.
 Grandma July got Hazy this cute outfit and had a little photo shoot with  her. 

 She was sick of pictures at this point, but I love her grumpy face so I had to put it on here.
Riley (in the blue) and Uncle Jake getting ready to rope.  They didn't win, but they still did awesome:)

Hazyn's Blessing

We had Hazyn blessed on Sunday July 1st in the Aurora Ward.  Riley gave her the most beautiful blessing I've ever heard.  I cried through the whole thing (and so did Riley).  After the blessing, we had a huge party at the elk Ranch.  It was a perfect day that celebrated our perfect girl!  We didn't get very many pictures of Hazyn in her dress, so we are planning on getting them done professionally.  (Stay tuned....)  Here are some of the pictures that we did get.

 Right after the blessing outside the Aurora church.

 Our pretty girl.  Her blessing dress is the same dress that I wore for my blessing.
 Hazyn and all of her cousins (at the time - cousin Draydin was born later that day). 

Proud Parents with our beautiful girl.

1 Month Old

This is a little late, but I can't believe that Hazyn is one month old. She truly is the light of our lives!  Here are some fun facts about Hazy at one month old:
  • She loves making the ohhhh face.
  • Her eyes are looking like they are going to be brown.
  • She only wakes up one time at night.
  • She eats 3oz every 3 hours during the day.
  • She still fits in her newborn clothes, but barely.
  • Her hair has already grown a ton.  She's a show stopper when in public because of her beautiful hair.
  • She can hold her head up and move it side to side. (We think she is pretty dang strong).
  • Her cheeks are starting to fill out.  She looks chubby in pictures even though she isn't.
  • She has completely stolen her mom and dad's heart.