Friday, July 6, 2012

Hazyn's big weekend

We decided to make a Vacation our of Hazyn's blessing and the 4th of July.  We left for Richfield on Saturday morning and returned to Logan Thursday afternoon.  It was a LONG trip, but we had fun.  Hazyn handled the schedule change much better than her parents did.  She is a little champ when it comes to traveling:)  But it completely wore me and Riley out.  Our weekend was filled with a blessing, roping, meeting a new cousin Draydin (born July 1st), roping again, lunch with friends Layken and Taryn (and Chesney), some more roping, hanging out with lots of family, the 4th of July parade and park, and Riley and Uncle Jake's Rodeo.  We were busy non-stop but loved every minute of it.  Here are some pics of our fun "vacation."
Hazyn with all of her cousins (at the time).  Those cute boys are the best cousins little Hazy could ask for:)

 Hazyn met her Great Great Aunt Monica Jane.  I was named after Monica, so here are the three Janes.  Monica Jane, Brittney Jane, and Hazyn Jane.
 Hazyn also got to meet her new cousin Draydin Boyd Wanlass.  When we put them together for pictures, Hazy started talking like crazy.  I think she was excited that her little friend finally came to visit her:)
 Sitting in the heat at the Richfield parade.  Hazyn looked so dang cute in her little outfit.  She only got to wear it for a short time because she had a HUGE blowout...  It was fun for her parents to clean up.
 Our cute little family. 
 We love all her little expressions.
 Pretty girl
 Uncle Zach was smokey the bear.  We all cheered when he went by.
 Grandma July got Hazy this cute outfit and had a little photo shoot with  her. 

 She was sick of pictures at this point, but I love her grumpy face so I had to put it on here.
Riley (in the blue) and Uncle Jake getting ready to rope.  They didn't win, but they still did awesome:)

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Tyson and Lana Hansen said...

Hayzn is beautiful! I love all her expressions too! And her outfits are sooo cute! Looks like you guys had fun and you're looking so good!!!