Friday, July 6, 2012

Hazyn's Blessing

We had Hazyn blessed on Sunday July 1st in the Aurora Ward.  Riley gave her the most beautiful blessing I've ever heard.  I cried through the whole thing (and so did Riley).  After the blessing, we had a huge party at the elk Ranch.  It was a perfect day that celebrated our perfect girl!  We didn't get very many pictures of Hazyn in her dress, so we are planning on getting them done professionally.  (Stay tuned....)  Here are some of the pictures that we did get.

 Right after the blessing outside the Aurora church.

 Our pretty girl.  Her blessing dress is the same dress that I wore for my blessing.
 Hazyn and all of her cousins (at the time - cousin Draydin was born later that day). 

Proud Parents with our beautiful girl.

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Petrice and Caleb Rose said...

Look at all that GORGEOUS hair! I really need to come by and see you and that gorgeous baby girl!