Sunday, July 22, 2012

2 Months Old

I can't believe it - my baby is already two months old!!  She is seriously such a joy in our lives.  We don't know what we ever did before she came.  Here are some fun facts about our Hazyn:
  • Her nicknames are Hazy Daisy, Little Bumper, and Hazy Girl.
  • She is a little talker.  She loves to coo and make other noises that I wish I could think of a way to spell. 
  • We had her two month appointment and she weighed 11lbs11oz (73rd Percentile) and was 23.25inches long (82nd Percentile). 
  • She cried when she got her shots, but was a champ after that.  It just made her really sleepy for a couple days.  She did like to cuddle a lot more than usual so I did love that part. 
  • She hates getting her pictures taken.  Anytime she sees the camera and I start posing her the tears come.  I have to work really hard to get a decent picture. 
  • She still has her dad (and mom) wrapped around her little finger.  She definitely rules our roost!!
  • When she feels like it, she is really really smiley!!
  • She sleeps from 10:30pm to 7:30am:)  After she eats at 7:30, she goes right back to bed until 10:30.  Mom is definitely in heaven!!
  • She is a really good baby and hardly ever cries. 
  • She is on a really good schedule and if it stays that way, it will make it easier for me to go back to work. 
  • When she eats, she likes to stroke our arms. 
  • She eats 3.75oz of breastmilk every 3 hours. 
Here are some more pictures of Hazyn from the past few weeks!!

 Mom loves dressing Hazyn up in her cute little outfits!!
 So strong!!
 This is about the only good picture I could get when I tried to have a little photo shoot of her in her Blessing Dress.
 This is how the rest of the shoot went. 
 All tuckered out after I had one of our most successful photo shoots. 


Petrice and Caleb Rose said...

Look at that gorgeous girl! she is just beautiful

Tyson and Lana Hansen said...

She is so beautiful and sounds like such an angel! I LOVE her clothes! If I end up having a girl I will need some advice on where the cute girl clothes are :) I LOVE her pink and black leggings!!! Such a doll!

With Great Love said...

She is absolutely precious! I love all that hair!! You guys did a great job, she is beautiful!!
I'll bet she also has Grandma Julie wrapped around her finger, too. :)