Wednesday, January 2, 2013

December Picture Update!!

I'm behind on blogging (go figure) so I guess I'll just update with a lot of pictures!

 Met Santa
 Met Santa with cousin Livvi
 Cruising around City Creek
 Riding on the Escalator with Dad at City Creek

 Looking at the Temple
 We had to pick the first Snow Storm to go see the lights.

 Hanging out with Dad at Temple Square
 Reading a book at Hazyn's first night staying in a Hotel
 Checking out Scheels
 Trying to Catch a skunk at Scheels
 Almost got him....
 7 months old and cute as ever. I couldn't pick just one picture because they showed her personality so well.

 Cousin Gage feeding Hazyn!
 Sleep over with the cousins!
 Hanging out in the Princess tent
 Our little Indian at Thanksgiving!
 Hanging out with cousin Draydin
Just chilling
 Now Hazyn had to go and make Draydin mad. 
 Not too happy during Grandma Julie's photo shoot.
 It's hard getting 6 kids to pose for the perfect picture.
 She usually doesn't cry, but she just had to ruin Grandma's photo shoot.
 Now she is reallly mad.  And she really stands out with all those blonde boys
 Now we are starting to get a little happier
 There's our girl!
 Grandma's Photo Shoot
 Another photo shoot

 Opening Presents

 Yes baby girl.... Santa does love you!
 Testing Grandma Julie's new photo backdrops with wild crazy hair!
 And yet another photo shoot with Grandma Julie. 

This girl loves her Eddy the Teddy!  I need to post a video of how excited she gets when she sees Eddy!


Bode & Taryn said...

Cute...we have the same princess tent:-)

Ashlee Wanlass said...

Such a cute little stinker!