Monday, February 9, 2009

I miss Summer.

Well, its snowing right now, and its making me really mad. I absolutely love the summer. Usually I don't mind the winter, but this winter, I've been really hating it. I want the summer to come fast! I can't wait to go to Lake Powell every weekend. Riley has never been to Lake Powell, so I can't wait to take him down there. I also can't wait to be able to rope and ride my horse every day. Riley and I just found out that we have to move back to Richfield this summer for his job. At first I was really mad about it, because I had already made plans to stay in Cedar this summer. But now I'm really excited to be in richfield. I will be able to hang out with both mine and Riley's family. And most importantly, I will be able to go ride horses with my grandpa every day. Well, now that you know I miss summer, I guess I'll post some pictures from summer to make you miss summer too.

Here is me wakeboarding - I'm not as good as my brothers are, but I enjoy it!

My brother Jake is amazing at wakeboarding - He can throw 360's, and backflips effortlessly.

This is me and my little friend Katie riding horses - Katie loves horses, but doesn't have any, so I take her sometimes. Notice the pretty blue sky!!

This is me and Riley at a concert in St. George!
And this is us hanging out in the mountains this past summer!!

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