Sunday, March 22, 2009


Well, we just got back from our honeymoon, and we had a blast. We went on a cruise to Ensenada, Mexico and Catalina Island. The food was outstanding, the entertainment was pretty good, and the sight seeing was amazing!! And also, the shopping in Ensenada was the best. I was in Heaven because I could pretty much name my price. Riley enjoyed our break from school and work, and really enjoyed our time together as a married couple!! Here are some pictures from our Honeymoon.

Riley and I shopping in Ensenada, Mexico.
Us at the blow hole in Ensenada.
Us on a bus on the way to the blow hole.
There was only coke products on the Ship, but don't worry, Riley found him a Pepsi!!
Us at sunset!!
Us on Catalina Island, with our ship in the background.
This is the scary little boat that took us from our ship to Catalina.
Waiting for dinner.
We enjoyed our Shirley Temple's on the back deck of the boat
Us with the Queen Mary in the background. This was right before the cruise took off!!


Rhiannon said...

Looks like fun!

shaunelle said...

It looks like you guys really had a fun time.

LaNe aNd aMaNda said...

CONGRATS!! Looks like you guys had a fun honeymoon!!!

Jimmy and Chelo said...

Aw...your HONEYMOON looked like a blast!! You guys are SO cute together! ANd that your back to the "real" life haha, we better start WALKING!! I'm so excited--I really need to get in shape (summer's coming up!) Call me SOON, I need to hear all about your wedding!!

micahandwhitney said...

Congrats girlie! i'm so sorry we couldn't make it. i bet you looked beautiful, i can't wait to see the pictures :D i wish you guys the best of luck in your new life together, you're going to absolutely love being married :D