Thursday, August 13, 2009


I'm really behind on my blogging so I'll just let the pictures tell you what we've been up to!!

I have 2 loves in my life - Riley and Kenny - I finally got to see Kenny in concert. Even though is was fun to see him live, the trashy people that go to those things will prevent me from ever going again.

We sure do love riding on big Mable!

My old roommate Katie got married in the Salt Lake Temple. It was a beautiful day and Katie looked gorgeous. Sadly, we were only able to go to the wedding ceremony, but I'm sure the luncheon and reception was just as awesome as the wedding!!

Here is the happy couple - Katie and Jared!!

My brother Zach and Riley have been roping together lately, so they decided to enter the Piute County Fair Rodeo. They did awesome for their first rodeo.

Here they are roping (sorry its not the best picture)

Dirty Boys!! This pic was taken the other day after they got home from scouting deer.


rachel and wes said...

Hey Brit! I am glad you have had a fun summer! We were probably in Powell at the same time! Love that place. hope all is well!

Rhiannon said...

You have been busy!

Andy and Nikki said...

I (andy) saw Kenny in concert when i was 16! there is a long story about the trashy people that were there. but to sum up. I was getting hit on by a 45 year old drunk lady! it was pretty crazy!

Jared and Katie said...

Britt that's such a cute picture of us! I'm so glad you guys came to the temple with us!