Thursday, August 5, 2010

More Big News

In my previous post I announced that we are moving to LOGAN. When we first decided that we were going to Logan we thought we would just rent a nice house or duplex for the 3 years that we are up there. Well about a month ago we made a trip to Logan to see if we could find a place to rent. The harder we looked the more stressed out I became because the houses/duplexes/town homes were either way too expensive or way to crappy of a place to live.

Long story short we ended up finding a place where we could build a home and our mortgage would be cheaper than renting a place. What a deal huh!! We aren't building our dream home or anything like that, but we are building a pretty nice place. (If you want to see our house plans click here). We are building in a little subdivision called Ashbury Court. We are super duper excited and can't wait for our home to be completed. (We start building Aug. 13 and it should be done no later than 3 months from that date). Anyways that is our other big news!!


Jared and Katie said...

That's awesome Britt! I'm excited for you guys to live close! Can't wait to see it done!

shaunelle said...

Oh that is great news. Good luck with everything.