Sunday, October 3, 2010

Utah State vs. BYU football game

On Friday Carl and Julie came up to Logan for the Utah State vs. BYU game. Unfortunately for Carl, BYU lost. But fortunately for me Utah State won (and yes Brett, I'm a fair weather fan, but I figured since I live in Logan I need to chear for Utah State). I actually could care less about watching the game, but the crowd was very entertaining. The picture below is the entire student crowd. (For those of us that went to SUU - we got ripped off - USU has a grand ol' time at games!!) We had a great time with Carl and Julie and can't wait until they come to visit again.
We had to force Carl to smile - He wasn't too happy with BYU at this point!

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mary said...

haha, that's hilarious! Josh is SO devoted to SUU that your post in facebook got him all riled up- it's so funny how guys are about their schools and football teams. My dad went to BYU and follows the games religiously and is so upset about the last 2 games that he said Cedar High could beat BYU these days.

Thanks for your updates, they are so fun to see!