Thursday, March 10, 2011

Random Thoughts

Who says that every post has to have pictures. This blog has slowly turned into my journal, so I should start treating it like my journal. We haven't had much going on lately, but it seems like time has been flying by. Where did February go? (Not that I'm complaining - Bring on Spring) Anyways, here are some random things that I've been thinking or that have been going on around the Wanlass household.

  • I love having a clean house but I hate cleaning!! As of right now my house is pretty clean but it has taken me more than a week to get that way. Spring cleaning is almost done. Yay!!
  • I can't wait to start planting my garden. I've started an indoor tomato garden and it is looking awesome (maybe I'll get pictures one day) Now I just need to wait until I can transport it outside!!
  • I love love love my job (except for the massive amounts of grading). I never knew that working from home could be so amazing.
  • I thought that I would take a nice long break from going to school, but I've already got the itch to go back and get my Masters. I've started looking into my options and think (if all goes as planned) that I will start this summer. Yes I'm crazy but it will be nice to have my masters done by the end of summer 2012.
  • Riley's school is going really good. It's Spring Break right now and the break has been nice.
  • I need to lose weight - really bad - as in 40 pounds bad. It's to the point that I look like crap and I feel like crap. Because of this, Riley bought me a treadmill today and is putting it together as I'm typing this post. (Maybe by saying that out loud I'll actually do it)
  • Our 2 year anniversary is on the 14th. Where did the time go? It seems like we got married yesterday, but that we've been married for forever. (Does that make sense - ha ha). I'm so lucky that Riley picked me - he's amazing and has made the last 2 years the best ever.
  • Our dogs are funny little things. We lost Jaci temporarily and it devastated us. Fortunately we found her and all is good. We think that Tuff has Down Syndrome - Seriously (Is that even possible). He's a little crazy but we like him anyways.
  • Why doesn't anyone come visit us? (Except for Riley's parents and brother Daniel) I know we live forever away from everyone, but we have a spare bedroom. Doesn't that mean that people should come try it out?
  • I could go on and on, but I'll save some of my other thoughts for another day.
That was really therapeutic, so I think I'll be doing this more often!! Feel free to ignore these posts because they are for journaling purposes only.


mary said...

I love this post Britt.. blogging can definitely be cathartic. And about you going back to school to get your masters, that is SMART. Josh is doing his MBA classes right now and keeps saying he wishes he had done it right after graduating ten years ago.
Can't wait to see you next week.

Luke and Mariah said...

Brittney! I just found your blog and you two are AMAZING! I LOVE your house, and the storage you built in your garage, and your amazing furniture fixer-uppers! Wow. Wanna come work on my house?? : ) I hope you are doing great! It was fun to see what you're up to!

Robert said...

You have amazing ambition!! I would come visit you guys every week if we lived closer. I am right there with you on losing weight. I have been yo yo dieting now for the past 2 and a half months. I have about 35 to loose, thank goodness for journals they really help me get through it all. So do you think that you will start trying to have an addition to your family after you are done with your masters? I dont mean a dog either. Well we miss you guys, and can't wait for the reunion!! You better be there.

sherra said...

Hey it's Sherra. I forgot to sign into my blog and since my dad was already signed into his Google account it showed up with his name. Just wanted to let you know that it was just me.

Emily said...

I love blogging! It really does make you feel better!