Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Saying Goodbye:(

On December 24th, I said goodbye to my beloved horse Ross. And no, he didn't die - I just gave him to a little girl that could get more use out of him and take better care of him than I can. With Ross being old, he was needing more care than Riley and I could provide at this time. He needs a barn where he can be warm an dry and we just don't have that stuff yet. Although I was beyond sad to say goodbye, I'm so glad that he is sitting in a nice warm barn making another little girl the happiest little girl in the world.

For a while there, Ross became a taboo word for my family. Anytime someone brought him up I would get extremely upset and always ended up bawling and sometimes hyperventilating. My family quickly learned to avoid the topic.

Ross and I made so many good memories together. We traveled all over together, competed together, and had fun together. I would not have been half as good at roping as I was without him. He is an athlete and a competitor and made me better because of it. I think he wanted to win as bad as I did.

I know that I'll never replace him - I'll probably spend the rest of my life looking for something half as amazing as he was. I grew up with Ross and he was a huge influence on my life and the way that I've turned out. I'm sad to see him go, but I'm so grateful for the memories that we have together. I can't wait to go see him compete at the High School Rodeos this Spring.

Here are some pictures from my High School Rodeo days with my old boy Ross!!

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mary said...

This made me cry because I know it marks an end of an era. I'm sorry for your loss of Ross, Britt.