Saturday, December 27, 2008

Officially Engaged

Well, the Ring that I've been waiting for finally came last night (Dec. 26). Riley did an amazing job of fooling me - I had no clue I was getting it that night!! Well the story starts way back in the first of November. Riley and I decided that we couldn't live without each other and that it was time to get married. I wanted Riley to surprise me with whatever ring he picked out, but he wasn't about to let me off the hook that easy. So after a while, he finally convinced me to pick the ring out with him. Riley has a cousin that designs rings, so we actually got to design the ring just how we wanted it. I'm glad now that I got to do that, cuz my ring turned out exactly how I've always drempt it would be.
We designed the ring the first of November, and then the waiting game started! I was doing okay with waiting until Riley took me up to see the wax model of the ring, and what diamond he had picked out. Once I saw my diamond, I couldn't stand it any longer!! I wanted my beautiful Ring.
Well, last night, Riley surprised me with my ring!! The night started off with dinner at Riley's family's house. After our amazing dinner, Julie (Riley's mom) announced that there was a prize for whoever guessed how many bulbs were on her Christmas tree. I glanced at the tree for a second and then announced that there 130 bulbs. After everyone guessed how many bulbs there were, Julie said that I had won the prize. (Little did I know that the prize was my ring) After our little game, Julie once again tried to get me to notice the ring that was hanging in a clear bulb on the tree, so she told me and Riley to go stand in front of the tree so she could get a picture. After the picture, (and me still not noticing the ring) Riley's family began getting anxious for me to see the ring. Kaylie (Riley's sister-in-law) said to Julie, " there is only one clear bulb on the tree" I decided to look at the tree to see if I could find the clear bulb. Well, I found the bulb, looked at it, then turned around and said, "is that the clear bulb you're talking about." It took me a minute, but I then realized that I saw what looked like a ring in the bulb. After it registered, I looked back to make sure I saw what I thought I saw and then turned around in shock. When I turned around, the most amazing man in the world was down on one knee. Riley asked me to marry him, and I of course said YES!!
The wedding date is March 14, 2009 in the Manti temple, and then there is a reception that night at Knight's Bridge Hall!! I'm so lucky that I get to marry the man of my Dreams. I'm also way excited for the wedding, but I'm nervous too because I've never planned a wedding before!! If anyone has any advice let me know.
P.S. I have pictures, but I was too lazy to upload them. I'll post them soon though!!


Jared and Katie said...

Britt that's so cute!! I'm so excited for you! Congrats!!

micahandwhitney said...

BRIT! that is soooo cute :D i'm so excited for you! and i'm excited you have a blog. i just started one too :D well congrats! send me an invite!!!


Zack and Victoria said...

Britt, Congrats!!!! That is so awesome for you two :o) If you need any help or hints let me know... i had a blast planning our wedding!

ToddandCara said...

Hey Congrats.... I didn't know you 2 were dating. You will love his family. They are awesome people. That is cool you are getting married in Manti. That temple is amazing. If you are looking for wedding dress. You should check out She as some gorgeous dresses to rent. If you don't want to buy one. Well tell Ry Congrats too. Im excited for you guys. Marriage is the best!!!