Sunday, September 5, 2010

The "Trailerhood"

If you have heard the song "Trailerhood" by Toby Keith then you probably know what I'm talking about when I say we are living in the Trailerhood while our house is being built. Actually though, its not that bad. We are staying in an awesome campground in Mantua. There is plenty of shade, and with the exception of this weekend (Labor Day) there aren't that many people staying here. My parents trailer is pretty nice and roomy (for a camp trailer). Here are some pics of our temporary home. Our "front porch." Notice Riley's camp chef - he has had to become the cook because I'm scared of cooking on the camp chef and I hate cooking in the trailer.
Our "back porch." We are really shaded here so its been nice so far. I'll probably be begging for sun once it starts getting really cold.

This is literally a 50 foot walk from our trailer. Riley is in heaven here.

And so are the dogs. Jaci loves to play in the water.

And Tuff loves to bark at her while she does!!
So that is our home for now. If anyone feels like camping you can come be our neighbor:)


Cory & Rachel Waters said...

I am jealous! Sorta wishing that we had decided to go to USU! I love the good ol Cache County!!!

Jessi said...

It looks like your going to end up having a wonderful time while you wait for that house!!

mary said...

Oh that area looks so peaceful.. what an exciting time for you guys. I hope you are loving your new job too.. let me know how that's going.
ps. I have NEVER heard the song "trailerhood" imagine that haha