Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fun with Cousins!

Hazyn is really lucky to have Amazing Cousins (all boys).  She adores every single one of them.  Here are some pictures of her playing with them!

 Taking a Bath with Walker and Sawyer (my cousing Zach's kids).  They came from Kansas for Grandpa Jerry's funeral.
 Hazyn wasn't too happy about sharing her bath toys!
 Hanging out at the park with cousin Kesler.  They play so well together.
 Going down the slide with Kesler.
 Eastering with all of the Wanlass cousins.  We are getting two more cousins soon we will be more than happy with boys but would enjoy a girl or two. 
 Stockton, Gage, Hazyn, Kesler, Cynch, and Draydin!  I'd say they are a good looking bunch!


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