Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Hogle Zoo

Because we were up North for my school's prom we decided to make a weekend out of it and take Hazyn to the zoo.  It was a beautiful day on Friday so we assumed that Saturday would be the same.  The weather had something else in mind, but despite the clouds and cool breeze, it wasn't too bad.  We had a blast looking at the animals and especially loved being together as a family. Our favorite animals were the Polar Bear, the Elephants, and the Giraffs.  Riley unfortunately kept commenting on what great boots the various animals would make.  (He currently owns Hippo, Shark, and Elephant boots).   Here are some pics from our fun day:

 The tiger kept roaring.  He seemed really agitated, but it was cool to see him so mad.
 All of the fun wore our poor girl out. 

 We tried to get her to extend her arms because we always joke that she has Ape arms.
 We already knew that Riley had Ape Arms. Ha ha
 Hazyn wasn't too sure about all the weird noises that this kept making.
She blows me away with how adorable she is!  I must admit that we make cute kids! (Only one for now, but I'm sure the future ones will be cute too)

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mary said...

We are headed to hogle zoo this weekend and seeing your pictures makes me so excited! We'll have to bundle up because it's freezing this week. Hazyn gets cuter everyday!