Wednesday, April 17, 2013


My school had their Prom at the Capitol Building this year.  It was an awesome location.  And luckily Riley, Hazyn, and I got to go be "chaperones." The cool part about the night was that apparently and online school having prom is newsworthy.  So we were on the news.  Here is the link in case you missed it - ha ha:

One funny that happened was when Riley was leaving work to go up to Prom with me, one of his coworkers asked where he was going.  He answered "to Prom." And then his coworker asked (seriously), "Your wife is that young?" I guess that could be normal in Salina - ha ha!

Here are some pics from that night:

 Hazyn and her Handsome Prom Date!

My friend/coworker Shay.  She is single by the way if you know any cool guys! (Sorry Shay - you are too cute to remain single for long)
Some of the teachers and principal at Utah Virtual Academy!

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