Monday, July 21, 2014

Welcome Austyn Marie!

We are so happy to have our 2nd Princess Austyn Marie Wanlass here with us. She was born on June 12th at 1:27pm. 
Going back to about a week before, on June 3, I had my normal weekly dr. appointment. She checked me and informed me that I was dilated to a 3. That was a shocker to us because I didn't dilate at all with Hazyn until my water broke. At the end of the appointment my dr. asked me how I was feeling and I said, "I'm good except for all this itching." She got a semi-concerned look on her face and asked me where I was itching. I told her all over, but mostly on the palms of my hands and the bottom of my feet. She then looked more concerned and said that sometimes itching can mean something and sometimes it can mean nothing but she wanted to have my blood drawn to see if it meant something. So I got my blood drawn and waited to hear the results. 
I had a work meeting in Salt Lake on that Thursday and Friday. I was 36 weeks at this point and definitely wasn't looking forward to sitting in a hard chair for two days. On the Friday morning of my meeting, my dr. finally called with the results. She told me that my "levels were elevated" and so they were going to induce me that next Thursday. She told me she wasn't going to tell me what I had and didn't want me to google it. I surprisingly obeyed her and didn't google it. We had to do a non-stress test on Tuesday just to make sure everything was okay. On Tuesday they did the test and everything looked good so they confirmed the Thursday induction at 37 weeks. My dr. did end up telling me that I had Cholestasis but she still didn't want me to google it. I still haven't read up on it because I don't want to worry, but my dr. says as long as it is monitored then there won't be any problems. I had it with Hazyn but they didn't catch it and I will most likely have it with future pregnancies. That means that I get to be induced at 37 weeks with every pregnancy - I'm not complaining about that.
Thursday came and we woke up at 5am to see what time they wanted us to come in. (Neither one of us barely slept because we were excited and nervous). When I called, they told us to be there at 6:15. Both my mom and Riley's mom came up to watch Hazyn while we were in the hospital luckily. 
We arrived at 6:15 and by 6:45, they had me hooked up to an IV. I had group B strep so they had to give me antibiotics in addition to the Pitocin. They also checked me when I arrived and was dilated to a 4 and was having contractions every 8 minutes prior to the Pitocin. They had to wait to break my water because they needed to get 2 IV's of antibiotics in me. 
Once everything was hooked up, we just waited. I fortunately couldn't feel my contractions so it was pretty relaxing. Riley and I both took little cat naps in between the nurse coming in and out. Finally at 10am, the nurse mentioned having the dr. come break my water. I insisted that they get me an epidural before they broke my water because I remembered what contractions felt like when my water was broke with Hazyn. At 10:10, I received my epidural. I was more nervous for it this time because I wasn't in pain like I was with Hazyn. With Hazyn, I just wanted relief. Luckily everything went great with the epidural and at 11:35 the dr. came in to break my water. I was dilated to a 5 at this point.  In between the epidural and the water breaking, a nurse found out that I was a math teacher so she brought in her math homework to get some help from me. I felt great and actually didn't mind helping (it helped the time pass faster). At 12:30 they checked me and I was dilated to a 6. At 1:00 I was an 8 and so they started prepping the bed for delivery. At 1:05, I called the nurse in because I could feel Austyn coming. Riley told me she was there and he could see lots of dark hair. The nurse came in and had me do a test push - Austyn was coming and luckily Dr. Blackett showed up and we were ready to go. 
I started pushing and at 1:27pm, our little Angel came into the world. Dr. Blackett pulled her out and immediately put her on my stomach. Riley got to cut the cord and we both were instantly in love with our little girl Austyn Marie. 
The nurses then took her to clean her up and get her measurements. She was 19inches long and weighed 7lbs 9oz. All I can say is that I sure am glad I didn't go the full 40 weeks - I would have had a BIG baby. 
At 3:30, the Grandmas brought Hazyn to meet her sister. Hazyn instantly adored her, but was quickly distracted by all the cool things in the hospital room. It is crazy how having a new baby can increase the love you feel for your husband and little girl even more than you thought was possible. Seeing Hazyn as a big sister made me love her even more (if that was possible in the first place) and seeing Riley with another daughter made me love him more than before. I love my little family and feel so blessed to be a mommy. 
Below are SEVERAL pictures from Austyn's first day. (I even threw in a couple pictures of my last day pregnant for memories' sake). 

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